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Question Setting Toe-in

I have just replaced the steering ball joints & track rods on my '85 Isuzu 4*4. I now need to reset the toe-in, but do not have the technical infomation.Can somebody please direct me to an internet site, or maybe know the dimension :
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You need to have a real allignment done by a shop with an allignment machine. But here is the shade tree directions, make sure the stering wheel is straight, then step back and visually see if the tires are tracking straight. You should be able to see if they are out of allign bad. If it looks straight then you can use a tape measure to measure from tire to tire. take a measurment on the front side of the tire (left tire to right tire) and then take a measurment from the same point on the backside of the tires, you can then adjust the tie rod until the two maesurments are equal. Pick a point for measuring like the middle tread or the first tread and use the same point on the back side.
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Thanks the setting is neutral,neither toe in nor toe-out. I have been trying to get my hands on a workshop manual for this Isuzu. It has a ford 3.0l v6 up front so I also need a manual for the motor. Any ideas where I can get all this informtion
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When the need arises I always use a 2x on the outside of each wheel to get my measurements. I usuually set it on a block and secure the opposite side to help get a good measurement. 1/16" toe in is usually fairly close. Not as good as an alignment shop but.....

A lot of parts stores sell repair manuals, you will likely need 2.

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