Saturn Code 45 HELPP


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Saturn Code 45 HELPP

Hi All,

I have a 93 Saturn SL2 with a DOHC 1.9L. About a month ago the check engine began coming on when at idle. Soon after my gas mileage when to hell. I found out its runing a code 45 which is rich O2 condition or high voltage. I tried not to start replacing parts but I did end up replacing the O2 sensor. I have also removed the EGR valve, cleaned it up as well as the port and checked for proper funtion. Other than the fuel mileage, the check engine light, and a high idle, it runs rather well for as old as it is. I'm stuck though, I dont know how to check the MAP sensor nor if the converter is plugged. If theres anything else I should be looking for as well. Please help.

Thanks Brian.

P.S~ The gas mileage is approx 150 miles per tank.
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Not sure what a code 45 indicates but I do know that 12 year old plastic tends to deteriorate, especially with underhood conditions, check very closely on the plastic cold air pickup tube to the MFS even a tiny crack can throw the fuel mixture off by a mile causing all kinds of crazy codes and problems.
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It's Getting Worse

OK, I checked the tube to the MAFS and it appears fine. Now the light is coming on all the time and it feels like it wants to stall at idle. Any other ideas??


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One More Thing

I may be able to borrow a tech 1. What shold I pay close attentions to and what type of readings should I expect?

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