1996 Ford Windstar - engine noise


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1996 Ford Windstar - engine noise

Just started hearing a whinning sound from front of engine. Can't tell if it's coming from altenator, power steering pump or water pump but it is definitely in that area of the engine. Serpentine belt was showing wear so I replaced that but the sound still persisted. No coolant leaking near water pump but vehicle has 101k miles with original pump so I replaced the water pump but sound still persisted. Belt tensioner appeared to be in good shape when I removed it while replacing water pump. I'm thinking it's gotta be the altenator or power steering pump. How do I know which one is causing the noise?
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they make a stethoscope for this purpose but I usually get by with a long screwdriver set it against the suspected part and stick it to your ear. It is rare that a alternator will make much noise before it fails to charge the battery and power steering pumps are not known for failure unless run dry of fluid I would stick my screwdriveror or fancy stethoscope on the idler pulley and the AC compressor clutch first.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give the screwdriver technique a try.
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i discovered my ac compressor clutch was bad by taking the belt off, and rotating it by hand, you can do this on all the pullys and feel if one is turning roughly
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garden hose

I have found a short piece of gardenhose also works well as a stethascope.

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