Temp gauge rising and battery light on


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Temp gauge rising and battery light on

Ok, so I'm driving into town in my 98 Mazda Protege, and I head what sounds like me driving over something, but there was nothing in the road, so I assume the worst - soemthing fell off.
The "battery" light comes on. The temp gauge starts to climb. And the air coming from the heater is suddenly cold.
I turn around and go back home (just a mile or so).
When I turn the car off, I notice that the fans aren't running.
I don't see any leaks and there's no smoking.

Any ideas?

I'm going to have it towed into the shop in the morning, but I always like to have an idea when I take it in there.


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The serpentine belt broke or came off?
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I agree with Jeff, it sounds very likely that your accessory drive belt came off or broke. The accessory belt drives the alternator (the "generator" which charges your battery...this is why your battery light came on), and also your water pump -- with no belt to drive the water pump the coolant will not circulate through the radiator or heater core causing the engine to overheat and your heater not to work. If you did not also lose your power steering and/or air conditioner then your car may have more than one belt and only the alternator/water pump belt broke. When you take it to the shop I would have them check the condition of ALL belts and replace any that are cracked or rotted to avoid problems in the near future.
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The PS was fine. It was 29 degrees so I didn't try the A/C.

Got it towed to the mechanic this morning and he actually had a chance to look at it and called me back. It was the alternator/water pump belt. He hopes to have it fixed this afternoon. He says all of the other belts and hoses look good.

That's kind of what I figured last night, but I really appreciate having you guys to tap into for knowledge when this kind of thing happens.

Thanks again,


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