Peugeot 306 Gear Box


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Exclamation Peugeot 306 Gear Box

I would like to know how I can top up or at least check the oil level in the Peugeot 306 gear box?
Reason for the question is 3rd gear is making a whining sound when it heats up.
There could be a few reasons this is occuring the 1st could be low level of oil in the gear box. 2nd is 3rd gear's bearing's are on the way ount and as such need to be replaced. If there are other reasons I would appreciate input.
However I still would like to know where I could top the box up from.
One other thing does any one know where I could possibly get a second hand or reconditioned box in Sydney Australia.

Thank you,
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If it is a manuel gearbox it should have a plug were you fill it.More then likley on the side about half way up.remove the plug and put your finger in it to check leval.I always fill mine till it starts coming out of the hole.
At least most cars from Japan and US cars are like that yours is probbably the same.

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