thermosat problem?


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thermosat problem?

Just trying to nail this down. We have a 97 Plymouth Voyager with I believe a 3.0 ltr. engine. My problem is the heat never really works that great and takes a long time to heat up to warm. It seemed to work okay when it was a little warmer outside (30 - 40 deg.) but now that it is down in the 20's here it seems to be worse. I noticed after driving about 8 miles the gauge barely reads past cold. Usually it is way up halfway between cold and hot. but lately it is way down near cold. shouldn't it run about the same area all the time? I am wodering if the thermostat is sticking.
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First check to see that the antifreeze coolant mix level is where it should be. If it is, your thermostat is stuck open. Not only are you not getting heat in the van, but your engine is probably running rich because it is not warming up. Thermostats are pretty cheap and it's an easy replacement.
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I concur

I concur with that check fluid and also thermostat is stuck open so your cooling is too much and coolant never heats up You can remove the thing and boil it with a meat thermometer and see if it works but why go thru all that trouble just get a new high quality one.

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