Oil Pan Gasket


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Oil Pan Gasket

I have recently changed the oil in my 97 f150 4x4.

It was using 10W30 and I began using 5W30. Ever since I changed my oil, it seems to be leaking, when I look under the truck it appear to be coming from the oil pan but all the bolts are tight. So I am assuming it is the Oil Pan Gasket that is the problem.

Could it be leaking because I am using 5W30 instead of 10W30 or did it just happen that the seal went the same time I changed the oil??

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10w30 is twice as thick as 5w30 so it is likely any void that the thicker oil didn't leak past the thinner would. You should clean the exterior of the pan real good so you can determine where the leak is. Maybe it is just the pan gasket but it could be the rear seal or maybe even higher up on the motor.
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just a coinsidence it started to leak.... 10w-30 and 5w-30...... they are almost the same, except the 5w-30 has a little better cold starting flow over 10w-30, both are 30 weights at temperature, except the 5w is a little thinner in the cold.
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I have taken some advice, cleaned my oil pan good.

But it still appears the be comeing right off the oil pan. Unfortunately I do not have all the proper tools to get a good look.

It seems that it only starts to leak after I start the truck and let it run for a bit, couple minutes. Once it warms up it seems to leak. Is it posible the oil pump could be leaking?? The leak on my truck is visibly at the front of the oil pan, (towards the front of the truck) where is the oil pump located on a 97 F150?? 4.6L

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