No spark...1991 Buick Park Avenue 3800, NOT supercharged


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Angry No spark...1991 Buick Park Avenue 3800, NOT supercharged

Car was running smoothly until I stopped for gas, (was on "fumes"), at BP. Thereafter, car started right up BUT gradually within a few blocks started running extremely rough, shimmying and shaking, almost like no acceleration. Luckily, made it to my first destination. Shut off ignition, as the "smell" of gas was unlike anything I've ever smelled--obviously, excess water in the gas. With much difficulty, got the car started and shimmying and shaking and increased feeling of de-acceleration continued. I was lucky to get home.

Started twice thereafter to move car in front. Mechanic friend suggested plugs be replaced, which we did. Car eventually started and stayed on 1-2 minutes thereafter, then suddenly died. Has NEVER started since.

My mechanic friend says my car still does NOT HAVE SPARK. We have replaced the control module, coil pack, camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor. Has only a signal to the module. Will still not crank over. He ordinarily does not take on running problems and is about to give up. What else can we try?

Service Engine Soon light had been on approximately 1 1/2 months prior, air bag light has flickered on and off for over a year, and it went off 2 days before the car died with the ABS brake light appearing. Does the computer need to be replaced? My mechanic is having difficulty finding wiring diagram. Any such help free online? Any help relaying info to him would be greatly appreciated. Car has 197,000+ and has 3800 engine, not supercharged. Have owned for 3 1/2 years.
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I would say you got a bad tank of gas.
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i would try dumping a can of dry gas in the tank and seeing if you can bleed the fuel line to get the bad gas out of there

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