1998 Windstar, won't start unless solenoid jumped


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Angry 1998 Windstar, won't start unless solenoid jumped

I have a 1998 Windstar 3.8 with a factory alarm. On Sunday It was about 30F outside and the van started so I shut it down. 1 hour later went to start and wouldn't start. The starter clicked but nothing. I had a friend boost me and it started. I had to remove the alarm fuses to get the alarm to disarm.
Monday I drove home from work and it was fine. When I went to leave 5 minutes later the starter wouldn't do a thing. The alarm then proceeded to go off so I pulled the fuses. The alarm in normal mode blinks once every 1.5-2 seconds. I then proceed to start the van and the starter clicked but nothing. When I pulled and put the alarm fuses back in it would blink every half second. When I finally pulled the fuses out enough so it didn't blink I tried to start, stillnothing, not even a click from the starter. I then went and put a screw driver to jump the starter solenoid and then it started no problem.
This morning I went out and nothing from the starter, I pulled the fuses again and put them in until the alram light was not blinking and put the key in start position and jumped the solenoid and it started......Got to work, shut the van off, tried to start it again and started the same cycle again......Corey

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solenoid problem

I had a similar problem with a nissan that turned out to be something very simple after a lot of head scratching. On the solenoid where the battery connects there were 2 brass washers that sandwiched the battery lug. These washers had tarnished to the point that they only allowed a small amout of current to flow on start. A wire brush and about 10 minutes cured my problem. Hope it's that simple for you
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Had to take it to Ford

It turns out that my van's remote locking system was installed aftermarket, even though it is a ford product. There was an electrical problem with the "antitheft" remote module just under the steering column. When they disconnected that module and reconnected the wires to the way they were when the van was bought, voila! It wokred. The new module is about $90 and the installation is about an hour, my bill so far $155 CA

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