Old Mopar Elecronics


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Bryan S.
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Old Mopar Elecronics

I have a 1973 Dodge Charger w/318. My problem is that familar when in low idle the altenator gauge needle is on discharge, but when you rev it, it goes to the positive side. This creates a problem w/the electrical powered accessories (headlights, turn signals, wipers etc.) when sitting in gear at a dead stop, everything slows down or dims. The altenator itself does not discharge the battery and drain it down, it just needs revved to keep it on the positive side and for everything to run smoothly. I tried grounding the altenator with a external wire to the body (eng. comp.) in which someone told me awhile ago that it helps w/that kind of problem, but it did not work. Does anyone know about the infamous old Mopar electronics? I would really appreciate it if someone could reply w/solutions. Thanks Bryan

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Check idle speed and set to proper spec, also have battery tested may have a weak cell.
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Also make sure your belt is tight.

I used to have a 73' just like that. I put headers and Cherry Bombs on it and you'de of thought it had a Hemi.
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Also, check your wiring. Mopars are notorious for original thin wires. You would be surprise at how much is lost through those old poor wires. If yours don't look so great, I would say upgrade. You can order some really nice quality stuff from Bill and Rose Evans. Their ad can be found in the Mopar's Collectors Guide. I think the price was around $100. It was good stuff. Make sure to properly check and clean all the grounds as well. If that doesn't do it, maybe look into an alternator. I know on my big block Challenger and Charger, it always seems right at zero. You could also try looking for new more efficient head lights. I am sure they are out there for just this purpose.
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I'd suspect something is wrong with the voltage regulator. Sometimes they're separate from the alternator, sometimes they're integral with the alternator.
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Your voltage regulator is located on the firewall. Most auto parts stores stock them. They are not very expensive. This would be a cheap way to check. Plus it never hurts to have a new one.
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- charge

sounds like a MOPAR to me. Put on a smaller pully. End of problem!
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Check idle speed with a tach.

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