Heat only when excellerating


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Saturday Mech
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Heat only when excellerating

My 2002 Dodge Stratus only has cabin heat when I am excellerating, no heat when stopped. Does anyone know what this is? Engine temp acts normal
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The blower still blows? It just blows cold at idle?
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Thermostat going bad possibly.
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Saturday Mech
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Yes still blows air, just cold
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I'd look at:
Low coolant
Loose belts
Water pump on the way out
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Saturday Mech
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Coolant seems to be fine, belts ok. I read about "burping" the system for air locks, but how can I do that if there is no access to the radiator? Only the reseviour
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What engine?.
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Heat only under accelleration makes me think of a vacuum leak or defective vacuum controlled heater door. If there was a bad thermostat, you wouldn't have warm air only when you stepped on the gas, likewise for the other guesses. I can't think of anything else which could make a significant difference in the cabin heat from accelerating other than a vacuum issue. I assume from the OP, that when they let up on the gas, the heater starts blowing cold air or none at all.
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Some engines have a small nut (valve) on top of the thermostat housing. If you have one, that is where you bleed air out of the system.

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