94 mercury sable


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94 mercury sable

I bought a auctioned vehicle..did a tune up but there is a grinding in the transfer case...when idling and decellerating and turning.

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Can you be more specific? There is no transfer case in a Mercury Sable.

At first glance, it appears you may have a bad half-shaft.
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motor mounts

so you get no grinding with the opposite conditions?
no grinding when driving straight while accelerating or holding a constant speed?

look at motor mounts and items like metal steering fluid pipes that may be contacting the engine under certain conditions.
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dont want to scare you

Dont want to scare you but that year car is known for transmission issues same as the ford Taurus.I almost got one myself and did lots of reading I still got a Ford Taurus but a 2000 model.
More info would help check tranny fluid smell it does it smell burt.
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The tranny fluid leaks pretty bad, not burnt though. It just makes this awful grinding when Idling and when I slow to make turns. I took a gamble buying this auctioned vehicle. The radio was worth the purhcase.
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when does it happen

Does it grind with the wheels not turninig?Is it in gear when it makes noise?how about sitting in netural turn the wheel does it make noise?You need to figure out if it is drive train or accessory noise that is the reason for the questions.Accessory noise is easier and cheaper to fix might be a power steering pump but first you need to isolate by process of elimination.
Could be something simple as bad brakes.

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