cold blooded ford explorer


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cold blooded ford explorer

I moved to Southern Alabama from Denver, CO in July this year and rather that has anything to do with it or not I'm not sure. But, now that it has cooled off here in the South my 2000 Ford Explorer does not want to idle when it's cold and runs very rough until it eaxhes operating tem. I had new plugs and cables installed just before I left Denver. Looking for any help I might get to figure out where to start looking for what might be causing the problem....Thank you and Happy Holidays

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Try checking your Idle Air Control valve(IAC). I had the same issue with mine. I removed it, cleaned it with shop grade throttle plate cleaner and it works fine. Other things to check would be the plastic air intake tube. If it has cracks or loose it can effect idle. Clean the throttle plate with a good cleaner such as gum out.

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