can't turn key


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can't turn key

I have a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire. I have been having problems over the last couple of days. When I turn the key to the off position, it won't turn back to start the car unless I jiggle the key. Now I'm stuck, today the key won't turn at all! Is there some way to turn the key so I can get it to a shop to get fixed? Thanks for any help.
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Just do what you have been doing, wiggle it untill she turns.
We see quite a few of these in the shop for the same concern. We end up replacing the tumblers inside the ignition cylinder. In some cases, we had to replace the cylinder and cut new keys also because the key was worn.

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I had the same problem with my truck. It turned out my key was just worn. Before you spend a lot on repairs, have a new key cut and se if that does it. If not, you're only out a dollar or two.

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No insult intended here, but don't just copy the key you've been using. If you have an original key that has seen little use, try that. If it works, copy that key and use the copy. I keep one original key that never gets used just so I can get better quality copies than from a used, worn key. I have noticed a lot of wear on keys with my GM cars, so the above posts are definitely the place to start.
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another tip

This is a tip from a locksmith buddy of mine he said many ignition switchs are worn out because people have tons of stuff hanging from the key ring so get one of those quick dissconnect things and keep all other junk in pocket or purse.

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