92 Ford Escort - How to Pull Steering Wheel

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92 Ford Escort - How to Pull Steering Wheel

I have what I believe is a short in the switch for my headlights/blinkers and need to pull the steering wheel to check it out. A friend loaned me a steering wheel puller, but to be honest, I have no clue how to use it.

I know to remove the horn cover, disconnect the leads, etc. But what then?

I'm a fairly mechanically inclined female, having fixed a number of minor auto issues myself, but this one is new to me. Any help/instructions would be greatly appreciated!

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When you say wheel puller, I am assumuing it is similar to the one in this link. They are pretty easy to use but difficult to explain so bear with me.


Put the larger diameter bolt with the point on it through the center hole of the puller. It should thread through. Just thread it through enough to allow you to position it. The point should be positioned into the recessed spot on the center of the steering wheel shaft.

In most steering wheels there are threaded holes where the supplied bolts can thread into. You need to pick the bolts with the right thread and appropriate length for your application.

These bolts need to go through the elongated slots in the puller and into those threaded holes. They only need to be threaded in enough to securely hold the puller in place when you turn the larger center bolt. It works best if you can use three.

Then begin turning the center bolt until it is tight by hand and stays in place on its own. Use wrench to continue turning the bolt as it gets more difficult.

Eventually, the steering wheel will "pop" off the splined center shaft. It may even scare you a little depending on how hard it is to pull.

I hope this helps and good luck!
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92 Ford Escort - How to Pull Steering Wheel

I looked at the wheel puller in the link you included. The one loaned to me is similar ... it just has a different shape. Hopefully it will work for my car.

Thank you SO much for the instructions! I completely understood them, and definitely appreciate the heads up about the "pop"! It would have startled me and made me think I had broken something, I'm sure.

I'll let you know if I was able to do it with the puller that I have on loan. I may be female , but I most definitely know all about making sure the threads on bolts are correct.


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