Brake was not working this morning!


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Brake was not working this morning!

I have a 2002 2.5 Altima with 50K. This morning, I got in to my car to move it back into the driveway, as I stepped on the brake, the brake seemed to be harder than normal and it required more pressure to stop the car, as if the hydraulics were not working or if there were no oil in the cylinders. I pumped the brake a few times and than it was working fine. I have not had the chance to check the brake oil level, but any idea what could be causing the problem? I have never experienced this with any car and trying to find out if under certain condition, like extreme cold weather for example, this may happen and ok. For now, I am afraid to have my wife and my kid driving the car. Has anyone experienced this problem and how normal is it? Thanks.
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Did you park with the parking brake on?Also do you live in a cold snow and slush covered area if so you might have gotten slush and water in the brakes and they got stuck because of ice.Check the fluid anyway just to give you a secure feeling and see after they warm up if they work ok.
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Just as another point. If the fluid were low or empty, that would usually result in the pedal feeling squishy rather than hard and the pedal would probably go to the floor. I would also lean toward the parking brake being stuck.

I have older cars and refrain from using the emergency/parking brake in severe cold or when it will be parked for a long period of time. I have seen quite a few freeze up or even rust into place to the point where the car won't even move.

Good luck.

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