light switch


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ed stevens
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light switch

head light swt gets hot when lights are on.put new swt in and still gets hot. does not blow fuse, any idea what may be causing problem? thanks, Ed,this is in a 1997 chrysler concorde with 3.5 eng.
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How hot is hot? Burn your fingers or warm to the touch. I'm going to guess that there is a variable resistor inside the switch for the instrument lights. To dim the lights, the resistor absorbs some of the voltage and disapates it as heat. Since your fuses / circuit breakers are not tripping, I don't believe that it's a problem.
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ed stevens
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the swt gets so hot that it has the plastic burning smell. you have to put the window down a bit to air out .thanks for the reply!
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LH series fog lights are know for heating the switch up, especially if the fog light bulbs have been upgraded to a higher output bulb, i will dig around, there is an easy way to install a relay under hood that takes the power out of the headlight switch, and will cool that issue out.

Phillips screw driver

2" length of 16ga wire, any color
2 blue (14-16ga) male spade connectors
2 blue 'T' taps

I may be jumping the gun here, but after looking at Kennys FAQ, i found an easier way with no cutting involved. Take the blue wire in his pics, jump it over to one of the brown/yellow wire in the middle of the plug. This is the output for the parking lights, it will power the fog light relay (yes there is a relay to isolate the amperage to protect the switch). You can use a 'T' tap or vampire tap as some call them for the jumper.

Clip one 'T' tap onto the blue wire, then the other one onto 1 of the 2 brown/yellow wires. Use the 2 blue male spade connectors and the 2" piece of 16ga wire to make the jumper wire. Plug in the jumper wire to each 'T' tap and BAM!, youre done. Now the fogs will come on any time the parking lamps are.

I did this cause my headlight switch is toast, the knob pulls/falls off in my hand. But i cant stand not having fog lights, so i tested the circuit with a 12V tester and found the blue wire to be the 'signal' wire going to the fog light relay.

this is some old info from a site i am a member on, but, it involves isolating the wire in the headlight switch, and make it a low output to a relay.
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You have not installed those brighter bulbs they sell have you it is important to keep the same wattage as what came on the car.If you replace them with some higer wattage bulbs you risk frying a lot of things like wires and connectors and switches and if you are real unlucky you risk a total fire of the car.
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Is the correct amp fuse installed according to the owners manual or fuse cover?
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ed stevens
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thanks all for input! I do not have fog lights, all fuses are right, and car has original head lamps. this is real puzzling. thanks again, Ed

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