Brakes stick


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Brakes stick

Hi all. I have a 1982 Ford F150 4x4 with a 300 straight six/manual transmission.

I dont drive it all that often but the last time i drove it to go get gasoline the brakes stuck. They kind of suctioned the pedal right down to the floor so much so that i came to a screeching halt luckily i was only doing about 15mph at the time. They do release if I take my foot and manually pull the pedal up until the next time you touch them. All it takes is a slight nudge of the pedal and they lock up. I checked for the back drums to be leaking but there is no sign of any leaking fluid back there and I dont seem to be losing any fluid. But I havent used the brakes that much after this to tell definately.

Thanks much for any help.

Also under the hood most of my vacuum lines are bolted/plugged with soemthing there isnt many but they all go nowhere. I'm guessing that wouldnt affect the brakes but the booster possibly? Just curious.

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any ideas?
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reservoir level, bleeding and/or Master cylinder...

Start from scratch. If the brake reservoir is above level, that can cause sudden braking; air in the lines can also cause this problem. The worst case scenario would be the Master cyclinder. When the bearings in the cylinder wear, they can cause sticking brakes or the opposite.

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