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I got a 1990 Ford Probe two litre that squeals at every start up. I know its coming from the belts however the belts are both fairly tight. The squealing is definitely louder the colder the weather becomes. Is this a sign that my alternator bearings are on the way out? It only squeals at start up, once the car is running for five or ten seconds, the noise goes away and doesn't come back until the car is started again. Any thoughts?
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have someone, or you, pop the hood and start it and listen to try and see where its coming from, belt tensioner maybe? its nothing to really loose sleep over though.
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glazed belts

Sound like your belt is glazed if it only lasts for a few seconds dont worry but at the next time you can get to it get a new quality belt like a gates.Also before you put it on wipe all pulleys with rubbing alochol to remove any glaze on them.

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