Hi Guys! Chick needs help with her brakes. They are working with out me.


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Hi Guys! Chick needs help with her brakes. They are working with out me.

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My brakes must think I drive too fast as they are working without me touching the pedal. Was told it was the calipers. Ahh, so I had them replaced and there is 100% no difference. Master Cylinder? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have spent all year rebuilding my 1989 Geo Spectrum as my engine died on Jan. 24th. Not her fault. Was dealt a bad hand by a mechanic working on my water pump/timing belt. Guess he did not appreciate my "concern" over his slowness to finish the task and he did a no no and installed the timing belt incorrectly damaging a piston. Yep. Good to be a female in the automotive world, NOT! So, as 2005 comes to an end and so does my money, the brakes are getting their instructions from someone other than me. I do hope 2006 leaves me and my car the hell alone!
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This may sound a little TOO simple, but self applied brakes (especially if it only does it or does it worse after driving a few miles) can be caused by an overfilled brake fluid reservoir. Check to make sure the fluid level is not above the "max" line.

If it is not that then my next best guess would be oil contaminated brake fluid. To test for this suck some into a eye dropper or syringe of some sort and put it into a small cup. Mix some water into the cup with the brake fluid and you will be able to see if there is any oil in it. Brake fluid dissolves into water, oil does not. If the fluid IS oil contaminated then you will have to replace the calipers (again) as well as the master cylinder and wheel cylinders (if equipped). VERY expensive mistake for someone to add oil to brake fluid.
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Thank you! Do not think there is oil in the brake fluid as I am the only one that does my fluids, but will check like you said.

Thank you for your time!
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Brake problems

It sounds as if your mechanic is throwing parts at your car in an misguided attempt to fix your car at your expense. If his repair didn't fix the problem, you should not be required to pay for his poor diagnositic skills. You need to approach him with the attitude that only when he fixes your car properly, will he be paid. Perhaps a new repair shop is in order, as this one is not doing you any favors. Jerbear
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it is also common for the brake hoses to go bad and hold pressure on the calipers while they may look normal on the outside the inside of the hose can swell almost completly shut which does not allow fluid to return to the mastercylinder when you let off the brakes.

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