Engine Just Died Down By Itself


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Engine Just Died Down By Itself

These past weeks, I've been hearing weird noise from the engine while driving but I ignored it. Actually, I really don't know anything about cars so maybe I thought, it was normal. This morning when I got to work, I parked and hasn't turned off the engine yet. I heard the engine was about to die and finally it did. Then I saw the sign "service engine". I thought it was the battery. I tried to turn the engine on again, and it did so it's not the battery. After a few minutes, the engine died again and I repeated it but the same thing happened.

What could be the reason why my engine died by itself? Is it the alternator or starter? What do these parts do for the car? I'm really worried. Please help me figure out what's wrong. Weird thing is, I just had my car serviced last September so I'm not expecting something like this.
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well take it to some place like autozone that will read the codes for free, then post them up here. What kind of car is it? what engine? what year? how many miles?
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More info

I can assure you it is not the starter might be a alternator or many other things.
A code would be good as well as type of car.Can you explain what kind of noise?Squeck,bang,pop,rattle,you get my point.

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