Radio problems??


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Cool Radio problems??

I own a 1997 f-150 pick-up,wich came with the factory am/fm radio and cassette player.It has always worked fine until now.
Now there isn't any sound from am/fm at all.Also when you hit search to find a station,it keeps searching??I pulled the radio out,everything seems to look fine at the connections?Also the antena is connected.What might cause this?Thanks
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Sounds like a good excuse to get a CD player
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Have you checked the connection at the antenna where the cable connects to it? Another thing to try is to hold the antenna wire connection, the one coming out of the stereo, with your hand or attach a jumper wire or something else metal to it to see if it picks up any stations.
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Sure sounds like antenna to me I had one corrode from the inside.Try another antenna or use your hand or wire like said directly into the back of radio.If that does not prouduce results it is a good time to get that new stereo with c/d

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