window regulator drops window


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window regulator drops window

On my car, the passenger window has not been working, when you push the down button nothing happens then the window drops diagonally. I pulled off the interior door panel off and it looked more complicated than in expected. the car is a 93 grand am 2 door with power locks and windows. It appears that the left arm did not slide in bracket at the bottom of the window, so the whole thing bent out of shape. I can get a new bracket for about $55 on ebay. Has anyone done this before? How much would it be if i took it into a shop? Am I getting in over my head?

heres a like to the autozone repair guide
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Have you checked salvage yards? I would find a bent door(not bent to bad but bad enough it can't be used as a replacment door. You should be able to get one pretty cheap and stip the parts out of it youself. If your able to get the parts out of the junk door then you should be able to fix yours. If you can't get the parts out then look for a shop and take the old door (parts). AND OR go to a salvage yard, get them to pull the parts you need and watch them as they pull it, then decide if you will attempt to fix yourself.
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how bent is it?

I had a problem like that on a chevy the plastic roller had worn out and the arm that rolls into the track kept coming out I took a big wrench and bent it back but I over bent it a little so it would apply some tension to keep it in.
I did not have power windows.

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