gear stick gets stuck in park


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gear stick gets stuck in park

I have a 1997 Toyota Corolla that runs fine. However, recently when I start the car I am unable to move the gear stick in drive, reverse or nuetral. After about 15 minutes it will work, as if nothing is wrong. What could be the problem? I am getting to work late. Please help!
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If you have a auto trannie here is what you can do.Turn key like you are going to start it move(do not start car all lights will be on)put selector into netural then you can start car.There is a netural saftey switch on the brake petal that must be pushed with car on to shift gears.
If you trick the system by starting in netural you can drive but when you go back into park it starts all over.

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There are 2 likely culprits here. There is a mechanism in the shifter that won't allow you to shift unless your foot is on the brake. So first logical thing is that when it is happening make sure that your brake lights are working. If they are not then your brake switch is faulty. If your lights are working then listen to see if you hear a clicking from the shift area when depressing the brake pedal and releasing. Assuming you don't then the electrical solenoid that controls the shifter lock isn't working. You would need to make sure the wiring is ok before pointing blame at the solenoid. The last thing I have seen is that the solenoid works but there is either damage to the mechanism or it is bent/worn and just not engaging properly, sometimes they can be tweaked to start working again.

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