tires rotation. Is it necessary?


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tires rotation. Is it necessary?

I bought a new car. Now it is close to 5Kmiles. Question is, is it necessary to rotate the car. I understand if I don't rotate then front tires will wear off fast. But my toyota dealer charges me $ 15 for car rotation. Usually these tires last for 40K miles. If I rotate them by then I would have spend $120 on it+ new tires cost. If don't rotate them, then probably I have to change them at 35 or 30K miles. ANy suggestions
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It is a good thing to do makes your tires last longer.If you go to discount tire sometimes they do it free if you are a costco member its free also.Look around I know dealer charges a arm and a leg but it can be done free.What they hope is when it is time to get new tires you will buy from them so they rotate them free,
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The idea of rotating tires is to get more out of your treads on average. If you don't do it then the fronts will wear down. It's cheaper to replace the tires sooner than pay $15 per rotation. If you can find a free rotation place, go with them.

Honestly, I rotate my tires once or twice before they get replaced. I always have a tire than could last maybe 5,000 more miles before hitting a wear indicator and one that has been on it for probably 5,000 miles.

Now my tires stay properly inflated. If they are not, they lose traction which reduces their safety factor. A tire pressure gauge and an occasional quarter (that is if not free) will save you many times more in gas too.
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yeah definetely tire rotation is a good thing and it makes a lot of sense,some places will do it for free with a paid oil change service ( about $ 25.00 for regular oil ).
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When you buy your first set of new tires, the place that you buy them from will usually rotate for free. And if you get the lifetime balance you usually get them balanced and rotated at the same time. Until then just rotate them yourself. It takes a whole half an hour to do it on my car.
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I agree with the above posters. Don't pay for tire rotation. It's not worth the expense.

Personally, with six cars in my stable I don't have time to rotate tires every 5K. I end up rotating them once when they are half-worn, at roughly 20K.

Another thing to consider is that not every shop properly torques the wheel bolts. On occasion, you may end up with more problems than you started with if you start letting others bolt the wheels multiple times.

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