2000 Ford Explorer over heating


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2000 Ford Explorer over heating

Driving home last night my check gage light came on. I looked up and saw that the temperature gage all the way the Hon the right. I idoled at a light for a couple minutes and the gage went down some so the light went out. It never came on again but the gage stayed higher than normal. When got home there was no sign of any antifreeze leaking, so I thought of thermostat. The top hose was really hot and the bottom hose was almost cold. Good sign of thermostat? If so, isnt that a fairly simple job to replace?

If not thermostat , what else could it be? Thanks
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That's definitely a sign of a possible bad thermostat. It could just be a large air bubble trapped in the system, but that usually happens after filling the system after having been drained.

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