Transmission Fuse Blows Out on 1996 Chevrolet Silverado


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Transmission Fuse Blows Out on 1996 Chevrolet Silverado

My trans fuse, I think it stands for transmission fuse, blows out constantly. It cause the overdrive to go out. The RPM and Speedodometer needles also stops working. The truck shifts down in 3rd gear and stays there. When trying to put a new fuse in, it blows. After a day or so, I put in a new fuse and it works correctly. However, after driving a few miles, the fuse blows again. Everyone I talk to says it is a shortage, but no one knows where. Can anyone tell me exactly what the problem is???
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I don't think anybody can tell you where the intermitant short is. You'll have to pull out the electrical diagram for that fuse and follow the path. If the vehicle had an accident I would examine that area first. Intermitant issues, especially electrical ones are a nightmare to work on.
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if it is an ignition fuse, you might have a short in the valvebody wiring harness. when the fuse blows, the trans. will automatically default to third gear. you will have to drop the pan and inpect the harness. hope it helps.
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You may want to check the ignition switch (wiring harness in steering column) they are very popular for this problem. Ksion15 is correct the transmission will default to 3rd gear when the power is removed. It is highly unlikely that the problem is in the valvbody though. Check the ignition switch.

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