91 cadillac deville problems


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91 cadillac deville problems

hello,please someone help.After spending 300 dollars on putting a water pump in we still have a leak around the starter(looks like).Now what do we do?We do not have hundreds to get someone to repair and it is still not fixed.does anyone know what it could possinbly be now? this is my husband.
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my 2 cents

Ok first off who replaced water pump?and did it overheat before water pump replacment(was that the reason for replacment).Were water pump gaskets installed properly? were all hoses and hose clamps tightend?check all clamps and hoses it would have been a good idea to replace them at same time as pump.
If you overheated the car you might have bigger problems.Anyway try to get under there and pinpoint leak.
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91 cad deville problems

hi,ok no it did not overheat but had a small leak where the water pump is.we piad a on the side mechanic to replace and now it is still leaking in a different place on the water pump.it is a very small leak now.every time we drive and come back it gets less.We are about to put the pellets in and see if that works.Any ideas?
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no pellets

Do not put pellets in you will be sorry it gunks up the system.One of two things if it is the water pump still One gasket not installed correctly it might have slipped.2 you got a defective water pump it happens more on cheap rebuilt ones.
Can you have the guy take a look maybe he left a bolt loose also a possibility.
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yes, the pellets will make more headaches..... though gm sells what they call seal tabs i beleive, good to seal small leaks, won't clog the system up
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I'm sorry , but the post about NOT using sealant tabs is in error.

Coolant supplement pellets are ABSOLUTELY required in the Caddy 4.x engines. Check the decal on the radiator shroud. Pellets will NOT hurt your engine. The 4.x engines had the possibility of coolant leaking into the oil passages. Thus the sealant recommendation. Use the recommended GM part, available at your dealer, or Bar's Leak GOLDEN SEAL tablets, available at your local Walmart. DO NOT USE any other "radiator stop leak" product. Place them in the radiator, NOT the overflow tank.

It sounds as if your "on the side" mechanic did not install the water pump and gasket correctly. Have a qualified mechanic check it out.

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