97 jimmy headlight question


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97 jimmy headlight question

I went to change the passenger side headlight and it doesn't want to turn.This is the first time I have ever put new bulbs in this particular car. So, I took the drivers side apart. The bulb turned real easy and came right out. Then I went back to the passengers side and it doesn't appear to have slots for the 3 prongs on the light bulb to slide through. I did notice 2 torque bit screws in the ring outside the bulb. I removed 1 the other one seems pretty hard to get to. This seems like alot of trouble to change a light bulb. Is this a GM practical joke or am I on the wrong track. Please help.

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97 B ast*** year for lights

Does your Jimmy have sealed beams or H inserts, 97 had both, if it's sealed beams, must be rust on the screws and try spraying with a good penetrant like PB Blaster. If it's H-beams, they should come out from the engine compartment with a push-in and twist motion( Counter-clockwise).

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It has h inserts not sealed beams as the drivers side has the three slots and comes out with a twist. I don't undrestand why the passenger side is different. But, it is. I've changed several headlights over the years, but none like this. Do some of these h inserts have a metal ring with a couple T15 screws or what? Thanks for any input.

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