cracked head gasket

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cracked head gasket

my 93 lesabre has a cracked head gasket. My Pastor car knowledgable friend suggested using a product call Steel Seal to try to seal the gaskt before resprting to having to replace it. I looked up the web site to Steel Seal and read the requirements for the car for the product to work:

no water in dip stick
less than 1 qt of water from tail pipe in 5 minutes.

The leak isn't that bad but I've had to add antifreeze and there is no leak o nthe ground( tried cardboard under car, nothing).

The Steel Seal product is added to the antifreeze and the care is idled until temp is 210 degrees (how if thermostat opens at 180).

Then care is allwed to coll for about an hour and proces repeated twice more.

I have a couple questions:

1) Assuming the product would work, how can I get the temp up to 210 degrees? Driving to work each day, one hour each way, the temp never gets above 180.

2) Would it still work only at 180 rather than getitng it to 210?

3) Has anyone ever used the product or heard of anyone who has used it with success?

It will cost about 80 bucks for the product so I an looking for some responsesfrom others to see it might be worh a shot to try. That's cheap I gues vs having to spend over $500 to get it replaced.

thanks for any responses

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There is no cheap fix for this. It has to be replaced. The longer you wait,the more damage will be done and costs will soar. Sorry,the 'snake oil 'fix is not the way to go.
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snake oil

Snake oil at best however if you have a beater mobile and do not care if your cooling system gets gunked up or do not plan on keeping car long this might be for you.I would not use it.If you are still set on using the stuff call the people that make it and ask how to get it to 210?

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