Neon won't start


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Neon won't start

Hi there,

I've encountered a slight problem with my friend's 96 Neon (2.0L SOHC). Two days ago, she started encountering rough idle, and stalling out at red lights. We pulled error codes for the o2 sensor, multiple cylinder misfires, and engine not reaching desired operating temperature. I tested both o2 sensors, and the downstream one tested bad, no impedance at all. Unfortunately, it's completely seized, and when we tried to start the car to warm it up a bit, we discovered that it will no longer fire. It still cranks and everything, but it won't catch at all, doesn't even seem to try. The only things we've touched on the car are the two o2 sensors and the wires to the coil pack, which we discovered had been very badly spliced so we re-taped the bare wires. I'm wondering if on the of chance we didn't manage to plug the o2 sensors in right, would it prevent the car from starting? I wouldn't thing so, but I can't for the life of me figure out what the problem is. The only other factor I can think of is that it's about -8 celsius, and the car wasn't plugged in last night. It's been plugged in for several hours now, though. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Just an update

Hi all,

Just an update... ..I've tested for spark and fuel, and both seem fine. I tested for fuel at the Shraeder valve on the fuel rail, and there was definitely pressure at that point. Is there a better place to check? I'm going to check the camshaft, crankshaft, and temperature sending units tomorrow. I still can't for the life of me figure out why it would start before I tested the O2 sensors and not after though. Any further input would be appreciated. Thanks once again!
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did you check the timing belt
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You could cut the o2 sensor wires and the engine would still start. Look elsewhere. If you only touched the o2 sensor and the coil pack, then take a hard look at that coil pack wire again. You said you are getting spark, but people often do not perform an accurate spark test. Double check that you are getting spark and not just a 12 volt reading somewhere.
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While this may not be your problem, when my neon quit and wouldn't restart, it was the crank position sensor.

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