Slipping belt


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Slipping belt

) A friend recently bought a 1989 chevy van w/ a V-6 and auto trans. We were told that it needed a battery, altenator and serpentine belt. I have changed all these and it runs just fine. The problem is that no matter what I do to the tensionor, the belt keeps slipping off the alt pulley. Only one groove of the belt comes off. I checked the alt pulley and it's exactly the same size as the old one, the belt is the same size as well. I'm wondering if the tensionor needs to be replaced. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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You mean there is lateral movement of the belt?

Check the tension yourself, Is it tight? If the tension feels normal, somethings out of whack with a pully, probably the alternator. Check the pully before the alternator(Whichever it may be) to see if its not out of whack either and misguiding the belt. If the tensioner is before it, check to see that the mounts are tight and that its not comming off on you causing it to throw off the belts alignment

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