The mysterious windshield wipers

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The mysterious windshield wipers

Not sure if it's a coincidence or not, but ever since our 92 Astrovan was recovered from being stolen and the column was put back together, the windshield wipers will regularly take a single swipe across the glass when the van hits a bump. It is very aggravating to have to remove the fuse when it's not raining to avoid the wipers scraping dry glass. Please write if you have any advice. Thanks, Don
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there was a problem with various 93-94 chevy models with this problem. they called it a phantom swipe. there was a leaking diode in the wiper control circuit board. the fix was to replace the circuit board. this could be your problem, but it might be something else.
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For similar reasons, I've replaced the wiper motor on my 93 Silverado 3 times. The circuit board was to blame, but I had to buy the whole motor (Auto Zone) to fix it. I guess that company doesn't sell just the circuit board. Luckily there was a lifetime warranty so I only had to buy it once. I hope I don't have to replace it again because it is a real pain to get the wiper arm linkage right.

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Chevy trucks are notorious for those modules ("circuit boards") going out. I have replaced more of those than I can count. Pecos, you got ripped off...there was no need to replace the motor and the circuitboard IS sold seperately, though perhaps not at autozone I don't know.

Ford uses a completely different system for their wipers. Sounds like a bare wire somewhere to me. When you hit a bump it is probably sending a ground signal to your wiper relay or module or something causing the wipers to move. I would check your wiring real close....could be a faulty relay as well.

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