drivers door sagging


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drivers door sagging

I've got a '93 silverado extended cab and the drivers door has sagged about 1/4 inch. You don't really notice it except that the pinstriping no longer matches up, and the door is getting harder to close properly. Also, there is wind noise when travelling at highway speeds. How does one re-align the door?

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I am not the expert in this subject. I had a Grand Prix that did the same thing. It was a brass bushing in the hinge that wore out. Not sure if these are even used anymore but this may be your problem.
Watch this post for the experts opinions. Good luck.
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Posts: 97 need new door pins and bushings. It's a very common problem with GM vehicles, especially trucks. Flimsy brass bushings and small pins aren't really heavy enough to support the heavy doors...typical chevy mickey mouse junk. Replace your pins and bushings and you should be good to go for another few years....if it has been that way for a while you might need a new latch bolt as well.
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I am pretty sure I saw those Chevy brass door pins at the local O'reilly's Autoparts. It was located in the red Help (namebrand) section. I think they were like $4bucks. That should be what ya need.
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Posting as a mechanics wife..after asking... our GMC Jimmy was doing the same thing, definately pin and bushing replacement needed, the parts are not that expensive, it can be a bit of a tackle to re-align if you are unsure also heavy to do, usually most body shops will do it, or your dealer, its not a time consuming job but usually takes two people.
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Did my GMC Jimmy door last summer, definately takes two people; and it helps to use milk crates and magazines to prop the door. You may also need a 'door spring compressor' tool. It is a clamp like device that ratchets down on the spring to compress and remove it; and eventually reinstall it. Wear eye protection if doing this yourself.
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...typical chevy mickey mouse junk. em are bees foottin werds !!!
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wonder how come i never had a door sag? if i ever did, parts are cheaper.

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