1990 Buick Century (Please Help)


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Exclamation 1990 Buick Century (Please Help)

I have a 1990 Buick Century with a 3.3L 6 and I have been having problems lateley with starting my car after driving it. I'll explain below.

Every morning or basically when my car sits for a few hours, it starts up fine, cold morning, hot morning etc. After I drive to work which is about 4 miles away, I turn the car off and try to start it up again. The engine barely wants to turn over and there's about a 1-2 second hesitation between cranks and it does it about 2-3 times before it actually turns over sometimes it doesn't turn over at all, I need to wait for about 10 min.

I tried it again, this time with a battery jumper box and it starts up right away and then it's fine.

Now, just the other day I came home from vacation (my car sat for approx. 5 days) and I drove it home, about
30 miles. It started up fine and It drove great. When I got home, about three hours later I tried to go out again. This time, the engine started fine, but the 'Service Engine Soon' light came on and the car stalled after about 10 seconds of bucking and such. I kept trying it and this time I pressed the gas to keep the car reving and it was having trouble doing that. Once I took my foot off the gas, the car stalled in about 10 seconds again. I managed to have a friend pick me up and when I came home about 5 hours later, the car started up fine with no engine light. I even drove it to the deli (about 2 min away) and didn't have any problems. I did notice however that when I press the gas to accelerate or just turing, I hear a 'water' sound that goes from one side of the egine to the other. It's very confusing and I don't know if all three of those things are related but if someone can give me any Ideas, I would appreciate it!

P.S. I assumed it was a tune up issue since the car has 130+ miles on it and when I got it it had 107+ and I haven't done one and I don't know when one was done last. Thanks for any input!
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The check engine light means there should be a code in your computer. Autozone stores will check them for free (the idea being that you will then buy the parts you need from them).

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