Just a question about air intakes..

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Question Just a question about air intakes..

Does a cold air intake increase horsepower and give better fuel milage since the engine breaths better?
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Yes, an engine can produce more power when it is breathing in cold air. Cold air is more dense and has more oxygen than hot air. Dry air also increases performance over humid air.
Most modern cars are already breathing in cold air. The auto manufactuers are not stupid. Feeding the engine cold air is a cheap way to improve performance so they do it standard. Several things work against them though. People want their cars to be quiet (no strange whistles or whines when accelerating). Most cars have intakes with crazy bends, changing shapes or resonation chambers to dampen out intake noise. People also expect their engine to last for 100'000 miles + even if driven on dusty streets. Providing nice really clean air often means a restrictive air filter.

Now we can start arguing if a piece of cotton soaked in oil (K&N) filters out the dirt as well as a standard air filter...
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cold dry air is great for engines and if you can get it there with 0 restrictions and even under a little boost the better.
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Only problem is they draw air from under the hood as were the factory intake draws from outside (cold air)

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