95 Blazer wont hold a charge

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95 Blazer wont hold a charge

I've got a 95 Blazer that wont hold a charge for more than a few days. It started out not lasting for more than a weekend, but I replaced the battey with a Sears DieHard weatherbeater. Things began working fine. Now I've been off from work for about a week due to the holidays and the thing is dead again. Any clues where I should start?

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Be sure your alternator is charging correctly. That being said, I've had a lot of bad luck with DieHard batteries. It could just be a battery that sat on the shelf for quite a while before it was sold.
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if you've had 2 different batteries exhibit the same symptoms, I'd bet that it's not the battery itself. As mentioned by mazpower it could be the alternator. Did it seem to get weaker each time you started the engine (hear it cranking slower)

Another possibility is that something is draining the battery, i.e. a shorted wire or component. Or something not turning off. I had dead battery in a buick that was caused by a broken switch for the light in the glove box.

In either case the best battery in the world won't solve the problem, it will only delay it.

Here's a good source for battery info and basic troubleshooting: http://www.uuhome.de/william.darden//carfaq.htm
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1995 Blazer drains battery

This is a common problem with the 1995-1997 S-10 Blazer. Several problems can lead to draining of the battery. Typically the reason is a short in the system. First step is to check all of the battery connections. Ensure that the battery cables are tight to the battery and check all of the grounds, including the body ground from the engine block to chassis. located on the passenger side behind the engine to the firewall. If all of the cables and grounds are tight, then the next possible cause is the starter ignition switch. On the 1995-97 S-10 Blazer, there are 3 different ignitions switches available, so you must ensure you know which column your vehicle is equiped with. A basic installation guide is available on the Auto Zone website.

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