HELP!! My Mustang is sick..with no cure

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HELP!! My Mustang is sick..with no cure

HELP!!!!! My 1995 Mustang (high performance) will run when its cold, then dies after 5 or 10 minutes and I lose spark. I have already replaced all the spark plugs, module, distributor, coils, and computer. No mechanic I have taken it to can figure it out. I really need some suggestions. THank you very much. It is not the fuel, it is an electrical problem, but I cannot find the problem.
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Those symptoms suspiciously sound like a bad distributor pickup coil (Hall effect sensor). Was this replaced when you said you replaced the distributor?
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Boy it also sounds like the coil is on it's way out
Also the notorious TFI modules usually just go, but I have heard of them acting this way
A fuel pump on it's way out will also make the car act this way

...I'm assuming this is the "5.0 H.O." engine?

When it dies, will it start up again right away or do you need to let it sit for 20 minutes?

How do you know it's spark not fuel?

Have you retrieved any codes?
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I would be looking for some Mustang fourms.

The reason why the mechanic can't find the problem is because either it's an intermittent problem or you need to take it someplace that specializes in electrical problems. My personal guess is that you have a bad connection someplace in the wiring harness. Most likely where it plugs into a sensor. Either that or the sensor itself is flaky or bad (like a bad temperature sendor that goes to the computer). Possibly a bad ground too. Really not enough details to say for sure. I would also check the EGR valve and check for vacuum leaks. You are sure to have at least one given the age of the car.
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If in fact you have replaced all those componants and you are sure you are losing spark, then you should look into replacing the module harness connector.As a rule on all Ford tfi systems the module,stator,and connector should be replaced even if only one of them fails. Hope that will be some help to you.

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