fuel pump


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fuel pump

my 1990 ford explorer fuel pump stays on after Ignition is off any ideas of what the problem Is
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How long does it stay on? The internal switch will shut it off as soon as the engine stops, even with key turned on. If you can hear it running continuously, it will burn out.
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fuel pump

stays on until the batery dies
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ignition switch/relay

look at ignition switch. something is getting power that should not. probably a $20 part

i know nothing about your car but my 94 ford tarus has an expensive ($160+) multi-function relay that controls the radiator fan high and low speeds for cooling and AC it is also the fuel pump relay. if yours is similar maybe an internal fault is allowing the pump to run since the fan primary is always hot.

buy it from the dealer. i bought one from pepboys that had the fan on and off but mostly off and the car overheated. I made a loud ass of myself so they took it back inspite of their first clam that it was an electrical part and they don't take back electrical parts.

a cheap fix would be to find the inertia swith probably in the back under a cheap plastic door and tap it until the pump stops. Push the reset button whaen you are ready to go. Or install a switch on your neg bat. terminal.
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I suspect a stuck relay.

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