ABS Light on in Dash


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Exclamation ABS Light on in Dash

I have a 1998 Chev C1500. Lately the Abs light in the dash has been coming on, when this happens the heater fan does not work. You may be driving along and the heater fan will start and the ABS light will go out. The heater will continue to run until the vehicle is shut off but will not likely start again when the vehicle is restarted and the ABS light will be on again.
Everything else is working properly. We have checked fuses, wire connections, etc, nothing seems to work.
A heater is a much needed item this time of the year in Nova Scotia.
Can anyone help?

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I just had a problem somewhat like your's with my 1994 K1500. With mine, every so often when I started the truck,the dash brake light would come on, my heater fan would stop running, no speedometer, and my transmission wouldn't shift out of first gear. Once the brake light went off, everything would start working. I could get the light to go off by shutting the truck off, then starting it again. We found out that I had a bad ignition switch. I put a new switch on, problems went away. Your ignition switch feeds power down to your fuse box, check your fuses to see if any are blown. When your ABS light comes on and your heater fan goes off, check to see if you have power at your Heater Fuse. If you don't, it is most likely you ignition switch.
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ABS Light

Thanks grantiman, I have checked the fuses but I haven't checked to see if their is power at the heater fuse when the ABS light is on. Im dreading the thought that it may be the ignition switch. Is this difficult to change?
I will keep you posted.


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