AC Smells


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AC Smells

To the answerer,

I have a problem with my AC, I know it is low in refridgerant but it still has some cold left in it. What really troubles me is that it chucks out an odor similar to petrol but not petrol because I have checked under the car and seen no leak of petrol anywhere. This only happens when you have had the AC on for about 30mins or less. But when I turn the AC off and await it would not be there anymore until I run it for a long time as mentioned above.

I have checked every possible avenue and remain stumped at this point. The only conclusion would be that I have low refridgerant...

Please assist...


PS. Please give a detail explaination. The Last time I asked this similar Qu. I got a very short answer which did not match what I have seen and done. The answer was that I have a petrol leak.
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Check your owners manual for a
cabin" air filter. If your vehicle has one i would change that out first.
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134A will smell like that when it leaks.
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When you say petrol, do you mean gasoline? I will assume so for now.

Here is my thought on that odd symptom. When you turn the ac off, you then open the window, which in turn, vents any odors. So perhaps you only smell it when the ac is on and the windows are closed.

Now for the second part. If you smell gasoline in the passenger compartment, then inspect or simply replace the fuel regulator in the engine compartment. You did not mention the made and model, tisk tisk, a no no. A faulty regulator can leak externally, then the gasoline odor is drawn into the passenger compartment via the cowl, etc. If you inspect the regulator, you may not detect a leak because it can evaporate after the engine stops and the pressure subsides.
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AC Smells-Reply

To all helpers,

I thank you all for your inputs, each has their values especially Lugnut's reply.

My error in not forwarding the make and model (it helps to know-yes) the make and model is

Ford Falcon EL 98 (6cyl) automatic.

I will proceed with all your advices and will return to you; Lugnut, of the result.



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