Timing on '94 Ford Ranger


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Timing on '94 Ford Ranger

Is it possible to set the timing on a '94 Ford Ranger 4.0 liter? The truck has 180,000 miles and it just doesn't seem to have the uumph it used to. It feels like the timing may be off somewhat. I know you used to be able to turn the distributor to retard the timing, but I'm old school. Any help would be appreciated.

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Engine timing is computer controlled.
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the sticker

you should have a sticker that will say you cannot adjust idle speed, how to route emission related vacuum hoses, what plugs and gap to use, what oil to use and that the car complies with federal and maybe california requirements for that model year. If you have a distributer, it will tell you how to set the base timing.

unless you have a distributer and moved it, this is not your problem.

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