Changing a serpentine belt, big problem?


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Changing a serpentine belt, big problem?

I have to change a serpentine belt on the my son's 1999 Pontiac Grand Am, I think it has A/C. I changed my own on my 94 Chevy pickup, easy to get to, no big problem. Never changed one on a small car before, is this going to be a big job changing this belt on this vehicle? I like to know what I'm getting into before I start. I've never seen what is under this car's hood, and don't know if alot of parts have to be removed to get to this belt. Any help?
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The first thing is to stick your head under the hood and see what clearance and obstructions you have. If the belt appears to go around a engine mount, you will have a little extra work to do. If this is the case, you will need to go thru the wheel well and remove the bolt that goes thru the mount. Then tap out the spacer block between the wheel well and the engine. After the belt is replaced, reverse these instructions to re assemble the mount.
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If it is a V6, you will need to take a floor jack and place it under the oil pan. Be sure to put a piece of wood between the pan and the jack. Jack it up until the engine pressure is off the mount located on the passenger side engine compartment, infront of the pulleys/belt. Remove the bolts that secure the aluminum piece to the mount and engine bracket. Remove that piece. Now, you need to take a 3/8" ratchet and insert it into the belt tensioner (we use a belt tensioner tool with many adaptors and extensions which is available at any auto store, makes these easy jobs). With the ratchet inserted, determine which way you need to turn it to release the tension from the belt. Snake the belt out and snake in the new one. Reverse proceedure. You may need to lift/lower the jack for more room. There is a belt routing diagram under the hood, I believe it is on the water pump pulley shield. Good luck .

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