Brakes 1996 chevy s10


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Brakes 1996 chevy s10

After experiencing brake failure on a 1996 s10,4wd,4.3l v6, I had a new master cylinder installed and the the front and back brakes relined. Now I have good brakes but they leak down to zero with continued pedal pressure.ANY IDEAS?
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fixed brake problem

I found out that in 94,95, and 96 s-10 the brake peddle will slowly sink to the flow with continued brake pressure. This is normal and nothing is wrong ,the brakes are still engaged.The condition is related to the operation of the abs system. My problem was also compounded by an air bubble in the abs system. I simply had to hit the brakes and cause the truck to slid across a grassy area. I did this several times causing the abs to engage and the air bubble to be burbed out.
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Air bubbles do not "burp" out of a sealed brake system. The system is sealed to keep the fluid in and protect it from contaminants. If the pedal is bleeding down then you either have a leak or as you already assume, air in the system. It is possible that you need to bleed the entire system including the ABS. Air in the system can cause inconsistent braking as well as a means for moisture to enter the system.
Good Luck.
Hope this helps ya,

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