Noisy power steering pump


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Noisy power steering pump

My 1990 Ford Ranger runs fine but when I turn my steering it makes a noise I don't want to hear, it smooth when I make a turn though..
Question...Is there a product out that like an additive to make it a little more quite?, if so I would like to drain the old fluids out first, do I have to remove the pump to do so? How do I go about this
I would appreciate any answers I receive


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use the turkey baster method myself, just get a new turkey baster, remove what you can of the old, fill it back up with the recommended new, then about a half a week or so later, do it again, keep doing it till the fluid clears up, it could be low though, check it first. that is if you can get to it, it should have a fill cap/dipstick. as for additives, wouldn't use em.
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Thanks, I will give it a try, as I said the pum works just noisey
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Flushing Power Steering Fluid

If you're a little more ambitious, you can do a superior job of replacing the fluid by completely flushing and exchanging the fluid with the procedure written below. You'll need a helper for this procedure.

1. Disconnect the return line to the reservoir.
2. Drain the reservoir and cap the open connection at the reservoir.
3. Route the return line to a suitable reservoir.
4. Open and line up at least two quarts of new ps fluid for quick pouring.
5. Fill reservoir with new fluid.
(Here comes the fun part
6. Have helper turn engine on, and immediately turn steering wheel from lock to lock, all the while you're pouring fluid into the reservoir.
7. Turn engine off.
8. Reconnect return line to reservoir.
9. Top off fluid.
10. Clean up mess.

Keep in mind the fluid comes out forcefully during flushing. Lifting the front end so the wheels are off the ground helps reduce the flow to a managable level.

Do this every 30,000 miles. You can buy power steering fluid at your local auto supply for about $2.50 per quart, making this a $10 job. Well worth it to help prevent expensive repairs.
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If the fluid is within limits on the dipstick, try the method of turning the steering wheel lock to lock several times with the engine running and in neutral. Hold it at each end for a second or two. This helps get any entrapped air out of the system and may cure your noise problem. It would still be a good idea to flush the system.
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I dont mean to Hijack your thread, but My question could be usefull to others.

If there is a fluid leak, what do yall think about using a stop leak such as "Trans-X"?
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Thanks so much for the replies, I will these methods out and see if it takes care of my problem, very helpful site..

Thanks again,
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Bubba Bob, I'm personally dead-set against ALL mechanic-in-a-can and stop leak products. Though they may work in some instances, they aren't without any side effects. Each product has their side effect. I imagine Trans-X softens and swells leaky seals. Though it may stop a leak, the seals are then prone to accellerated wear. Plus, it would affect ALL seals, including the healthy, expensive ones on the steering rack.

Stop-leak products are only good for unscrupulous people who want to hide a defect to make a sale, or just want the car to limp along another month or so. There's no long-term benefit to using these products.

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