95 Olds Coolant Problem


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95 Olds Coolant Problem

1995 Olds Achieva 3.1L V6, 110,000 miles. Wife calls Friday about 10 minutes after leaving the house saying the car isn't right. The 'low coolant' light is on and the temp gauge is in the red. I can smell coolant when she pulls in and there is coolant coming out past the cap. I'm late and the engine is hot, so I leave it. Put a gallon of coolant in it until it overflowed, put the cap on and went around the block. 'Low Coolant' light still on, engine heats up to red area very quickly and I never have heat from the vents. My guess is stuck thermostat. Any better ideas? Ballpark cost to fix?
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Cheap so far

A new thermosat is in the 5-6 dollar range.However lets hope that the overheating did not cause more problems like warped heads.I would go with the thermostat first and go from there Do not put it in upside down some can and some can not just pay attention.
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Check for a collasped lower radiator hose.
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these engines are REALLY REALLY bad to have the lower intake gaskets leak. The low coolant light is a sensor mounted on the radiator and they are bad to stick....tap it with a wrench or something until the light goes out.

Sadly to say, heads are bad to crack on these too so if you let it get as hot as you say you did then that is a very ligitimate concern. If I were you I would start with the thermostat and make sure to bleed the system properly. If you still overheat or have a bad leak then you are looking at major engine work.

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