Trans slipping


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Trans slipping

Last week I purchased a used 94 Thunderbird with 57,700 miles on it. The car is clean and was never in an accident. I purchased it from a new car dealership where I used to work that was a trade in. My best friend is a sales manager there. I had another car that the overdrive just went and got rid of that for this. The Thunderbird looks and drives like new.

Now I purchased it last week and the car was fine. I was off from work for a few days and just drove the car locally. Now I took it to work today and while driving on the highway the trans was slipping in and out of overdrive. It happened about 2 times going to work, on the way home it happened again. I had a Cougar a couple years ago either a 96 or 98 and the trans would always slip in and out of overdrive. The trans on that was replaced twice and still did the same thing. Come to find out it was a module or sensor in or on the trans (I don't remember exactly).

Anyone have a ideas, comments or suggestions of what I can do to fix this. I don't have a problem putting in another trans if I need to but that would be my last resort if possible. With such low miles and paying next to nothing for it, it would be well worth it.
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Exclamation Thunderbird tranny?

Well, did you check the tranny fluid (don't forget to check while the transmission is warm & the engine running)? That would be my 1st guess!

Is the Thunderbird a V8? If so, possibly a transmission grommet (I hope I got the name of the part right). Your problem sounds exactly like a problem I had a Crown Victoria some time ago. I took the car to a nationwide transmission place, naturally they told me I needed a new tranny. A friend of mine told me to get a 2nd opinion, so I did. As it turns out, this "grommet" problem was kind of common on 302's w/AT. Go fish?

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That was the first thing I did was check the fluid. It is a V6 3.8 liter.

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