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Question Water Pump

I have a 87 Dodge Aries with a 2.2l engine. Recently the car started to run hot so as normal I checked the coolant first. The coolant level was fine but I did a flush and fill anyway, didn't really help. The next thing I tried was replacing the thermostat which helped some but now the temp gauge goes up into the red but soon cools back down. The problem is now it continuosly fluctuates up to the red and back to normal range. My question, is what shoul be the next step? I am thinking water pump but not sure, also I haven't noticed any coolant leakage up to this point.
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1. check for air lock in cooling system
run car and have heater working at hi and temp set at hot
remove radiator cap to let the perrusre release and check if you see the circulation of the cooling and fill if need after therm open
2. what rate is your thermostat is it 180 or 192 sometime they can be defective to be sure insert thermometer in radiator and check the temp

good luck
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What about a fan clutch?
I think that's what it's called... The fan blades bolt onto it, and it bolts onto to the post coming out of the pump. When the engine is cool, this device "slips" and doesn't allow the fan to draw as much air thru the rad. But when the engine heats, this device becomes much more of a one-to-one matching with engine rpms. It could be old and tired and slipping all the time...
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Either the system is airbound and needs to be bled, or the headgasket is on the way out. Properly bleed the cooling system and see what happens.

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