Battery Being Discharged


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Battery Being Discharged

Does anyone know where I can get a schematic for a 1990 GMC Sierra? I have a Haynes's manual, but the schematic is not complete. I noticed the wires to a box labelled "electronic cruise control module" are all chewed up. I think a mouse may have gotten in there. But the connections to this box are nowhere on the schematic in the hayne's book.

Can I just clip these wires off? I really never use cruise control anyway, so as long as nothing else is in the circuit (which I need a complete schematic to determine), I don't care about this.

Something is also discharging the battery if it sits for more than a few days. The battery recharges fine and jumps up to about 14.2 volts when I start the engine after recharge. I stuck an ammeter in the ground line and the numbers jump around (on a 40 milliamp scale) but don't stabilize. Until I get a chance to trounbleshoot it (another reason I need a good schematic), I'm just disconnect the negative terminal on days I don't use the truck.
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on your truck the wire that looks like a telephone wire is for your cruise. you can disconnect it under the dash by the steering colume.

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