wheel bearing


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wheel bearing

hi ,
i have malibu 1999 the front left wheel bearing is making a loud noise when i'm driving .......... i'm loosing to mach gas , is that has any thing to do with it.
thank you..
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A loud wheel bearing in any car means that the bearings are probably shot. This means that the wheel hub assembly is grinding on the bearings. Some bearings may be broken? You'll need to replace the wheel bearing & perhaps the hub assembly too. Don't forget your seals while you are there. And don't forget to grease the bearings (been there, done that).

Does this cause your MPG to decrease? Absolutely, to what degree I don't know. You'll need to get the wheel bearing replaced lickity split like just to be on the safe side. You do want to stop when you hit the brakes, right?
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jack her up

Jack up front and grab wheel on sides at 3 and 9 0clock position and try to jiggle tire from side to side.Also spin tire and listen for odd noise.
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On your car, the bearing is integral to the hub. So you get the assembly wether you ask for a wheel bearing, a hub, or a wheel speed sensor. Generally, while you're driving, you can steer to the left or the right to make the noise more pronounced. Sometimes it is difficult to determine which side is bad by driving it. If you steer to the left and it gets louder, the right bearing is junk. If you steer to the right and it's louder, the left one is bad. I always use a stethoscope while the car is in the air running in drive. I have never seen a complaint about fuel mileage related to a bad wheel bearing in my nearly 15 years working on these. I bet you have another issue causing your poor fuel mileage.
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You should replace that bearing sooner than later. At some point it is going to get hot enough and dry out causing it to seize up. At that time 3 of your tires will be rolling and the 4th will not. This leads to some very dangerous driving especially if you are on a highway.

I just replaced 1 bearing on my wifes car and it took a few hours. If you are not a do it your self type, find a good independant mechanic. They are ususally fair and much cheaper than a dealership.

Good Luck, Jim

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